Recipe Failed

I had great intentions to share with you a delicious recipe for pumpkin bread today.
… Until I tried making it and it tasted more like cardboard that pumpkin deliciousness. Back to the drawing board for me, back to Starbucks for a PSL for you….

Therefore, I have a not very tasty Tuesday to share with you but rather a flop! Hey! We’re not always perfect! No one is! That is ok! I’m sure ill perfect it in no time, or I will just have Mike’s mom make it for me (her’s is to die for, and almost as good as her Christmas pecan squares) and I will pass it off for my own.

Moving right along…
Since I made the flop of a bread loaf, I have been topping it with pumpkin butter to mask the bland taste.  Waste not want not right!?!

photo (907)

It’s not great but it’s nutritious fuel to start my day and once I get more pumpkin added to the recipe it’ll be killer!!

I’m still using my precooked quinoa from last week’s food prep for my lunches this week! Today I made a burrito bowl of sorts. It was so good! Looks sloppy though. I wish I could learn to take pretty food pictures!

photo (912)

I am SO sore from my strength training yesterday! Like my shoulders may fall off my body sore. I’m not dramatic or anything… So I just did 45 easy minutes on the elliptical at lunch to get some cardio in. Back to the strength tomorrow!

Off to go pack my lunch and go on a walk with Sparky!
Have a great night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Recipe Failed

  1. I mess up recipes ALL THE TIME, but I think that’s what makes you grow as a cook. Plus when you find a recipe that you really like, you’re so happy and it tastes 1000x better.

    Strength training makes me sore, too, but it’s such a good sore (in my opinion). That’s what’s on the docket for me today!

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