Wellness Check!

Today at work I had my very first wellness check. For a $20.00 and fifteen minutes, I was able to get a health screening and get back to work! I knew when I got the email about this opportunity I had to do it! I have never had these numbers checked (that I know of) so I knew it would be beneficial.

At 11 am I snagged a coworker and we went down to be screened! The nice women kept things flowing well and made sure to explain each step!

My results are as follows:

Blood pressure 125/78 

I have a “normal” BMI of 24.5 but could lose a few pounds to be more mid-range from 18.5-24.9 

Waist is 29.5 and as long as that is less than 35 in that is desirable for women 

Total cholesterol is 150 which is good.

HDL is 44 which is borderline (this is the good cholesterol!)

Total to HDL ratio is 3.4 which is good. 

My blood glucose levels are normal!


photo (913)

My finger hurts… wahhhh…


My reflections about the results:

My blood pressure wasn’t bad but I do need to reduce my top (systolic pressure) to under 120. To do this I need to:

-Lose a few (5) pounds

-Reduce the sodium in my diet… less processed foods, less added salt, read all food labels

-I could have just been a little nervous, but better to be safe than sorry!


Body mass index is in the desirable level. 24.5 I would like to see this number closer to 22-23 though to allow a cushion… no pun in intended. The goal range is 18.5-24.9 to be considered in the “normal weight” range.


To improve my HDL cholesterol:

-Lose a few lbs 5

-Maximize my cardio and make it count!

-Eat more fish/healthy fats

-Actually take my flaxseed oil supplement!


Case in point: I need to track my eating for a few days on myfitnesspal to get a good track on where I am to better my numbers. In no way are they bad but they can always be better! I want to be my personal best! The common theme is that losing a few pounds will better all of these numbers and tracking the calories can really help me do this! I like top have goals that are measurable and specific (SMART) goals and this will really help me stay on top and succeed!


Have you guys ever had a wellness check?


4 thoughts on “Wellness Check!

  1. I had a job for a short time right after college administering health checks. It was very interesting and crazy what some people don’t know that we think are no-brainers about our health. I used to check my blood sugar levels when I was bored!

  2. I love reading other people’s “numbers.” Mine are all good except for my weight :/ I’m at the upper edge of the BMI scale too and while I can blame some of it on my boobs (ha!), I can’t put all of the blame there. I need to start tracking my calories for a few weeks to get in the habit of knowing how much I should be eating to knock of those last few pounds. My goal is to be “fit” again by Christmas 🙂

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