Check out my guest post!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I’m guest posting here for Becky today! There I share a delicious recipe in the crockpot that is sure to please a crowd! Stop on over and check it out!! Becky is awesome and I loved the opportunity!

Last night Mike and I went to Panera Bread for a quick dinner. Check out my French onion soup. So great!


Yea that’s white bread. #yolo haha just kidding they had just run out if whole grain so I splurged!

We brainstormed Halloween ideas last night and think we have a good one! I can’t wait to make them this weekend! We also watched the new Modern Family episode. Did you guys? That show gets me every time and I have to laugh out loud!! I just love Cam!!

This morning I had a delicious start. Banana and coffee. It’s the simple things. Plus I now only have a 49 cent balance on my gift card. It’s sad but it was fun while it lasted!!


Lunch was a delicious concoction of Carba Nada pasta and some pesto with baby bellas galore!


So delicious! I actually ate my lunch pretty late because I had a killer workout that zapped my appetite over lunch! Thanks for kicking my butt again Gina! (

Tonight, I am off to watch my cousin at in her high school Senior Night field hockey game! I played in high school and all through college! I’m so nostalgic! This brings back such wonderful memories! Good luck Brittany!! Kick some booty!!!


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