Senior Night!

Morning friends!
I am off work today! I am going to visit a dear friend tonight so today is all about packing, laundry, and hitting the gym!

Like I said yesterday, last night was a very special night!! It was my little (gosh I can’t say that anymore, she is taller than me, and she is a SENIOR!!) cousin’s Senior Night for field hockey! I played field hockey all growing up, through high school, and in college. I am so proud of my cousins! I am also so excited for my aunt! She is their coach! She played field hockey as well and it was amazing to see all the great things that she has taught them!

I was so nostalgic for the days that I played! Here I am in a game in college!

me hockey


Anyway, my entire family was at the game last night to support our girls! It was so exciting! We had a cheering section of more than 12 people! We have a big clan, we’re very lucky!!

It was so cute to watch them warm up and get pumped up to start! My mom and I walked around the stadium to check out all the festive decorations for the senior class. Check out these adorable notes from the team to my cousin!

photo (918)photo (917)Such touching messages!!!

As the game began, the girls took the field to start the game!

photo (916)

How awesome is it that my (senior cousin) was the goalie and her little sister is the girl who scored the first goal of the game!?!?

After a quick first half, the dedication to the seniors began at half time. Their parents escorted them across the field and shared special moments and memories with them that no one will forget!

photo (915)

The game went all too quickly and it was so exciting to watch my cousin defend her shut out game and have the girls win 7-0!! What a special night!! I am so proud of my cousins and I hope to see them play many more things together!

photo (914)

Have a great day everyone! Happy Friday!

What sports have you played?


4 thoughts on “Senior Night!

  1. Gail Macharsky says:

    Loved your post that recaptured such a special night of Field Hockey Memories, Cousins and time with such a wonderful family!!! Very proud to be a Macharsky!!!!

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