Couch Potato

Yep. That’s me. Don’t judge.

Yesterday I returned home from visiting my best friend and I was exhausted from the weekend. Mike picked me up and we immediately headed to chipotle for some grub to fill our bellies! After we ate we came back and plopped on the couch and turned on football. That combo was like a box of melatonin on me. I was pooped and we both passed out for a very long nap! Luckily we woke up in time for the Raven’s game.

Ehh. Should have slept through that loss. Yuck.

We got some carry out for dinner and proceeded to leave our indents on the couch because of course we couldn’t miss the Walking Dead coming on!

During that lazy evening I picked up a copy of Food Network magazine and pulled some ideas out for recipes to try as well as thanksgiving ideas. I really want to host a Friends-giving this year and now I have tons of new recipe ideas to use like this savory money bread:
photo (919)

Doesn’t it sound awesome!

This butternut squash mash too!

photo (923)

On a non thanksgiving note, I need to try this chowder. I may have to convert it I the crock pot. Muah hahaha!

photo (922)

Sorry for the lengthy post today but I have jut one more picture to share with you of my lunch. Do yourself a favor and go to Trader Joe’s and stock up on these enchiladas before they’re gone. It was amazing. And only 260 calories for the whole container!

photo (921)

I went after work. Hehehe. Need enchiladas in my life!

Off to get my life back in order after a weekend away. I feel a date with my laundry coming on! Have a great Monday everyone!


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