My first WIAW!

It feels like every blog I read on Wednesday’s does a tribute to this blog.
If you’ve ever met me in real life you know that I despise feeling left out, seriously I hate that! So I did was any normal girl would do and included myself in the fun! I’m holding nothing back! Watch out world! Haha!


But, but you’ll have to forgive me because I’m starting out of order. I know, I know, I am already breaking the rules. Don’t get sassy!

Dinner last night was deliciously tender chicken in the crockpot with mushrooms. On the side was steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato.
photo (933)
I have to confess I had a lot of candy corn after this meal that went un-pictured. Oh well! I continued my night with 4 episodes of Parenthood with my momma. Gotta love girl bonding time!

My breakfast this morning was a delicious egg sandwich on a honey wheat sandwich thin. I diced some onion in with the scrambled eggs too!
photo (932)
It kept me pretty full all morning!

I did have a mid day snack before my workout though my belly was growling for me to feed it! Enter the delicious Kashi bar!!
photo (931)
I completed 35 minutes on the elliptical at lunch and rounded it out with an upper body workout loaded with supersets to keep me entertained!

Around 1 I decided it was time for lunch! I had a salad on the docket and used the remaining leftovers from my chicken breast from last nights dinner. See why I had to go out of order!?!!
photo (930)
It was a delicious day of eats indeed!

Right after work I was supposed to go to my friend Brooke’s house so we could go for a walk and talk date to catch up! Unfortunately, there was a freak rain shower that literally rained on our parade.. bummer! Hopefully the weather agrees for us next week!!

Now I’m off to pack! I’m heading to Mike’s house tomorrow night and I have a lot still to plan for my Halloween costume! Have a great night!


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