When it rains…

When it rains, I shop. At least I did last night. I was already out on the other end of town since I was supposed to meet with Brooke, but since the rain ruined out plans I decided to finish up my Halloween costume and look for bargains.

Bargains I did not find, I spent $toomuch. Whoops.

I was on the prowl for overalls. It’s for Mike’s portion of our Halloween costume so I swung into Marshals  to find a deal. Instead I swung through the store building a rack of clothes on my arms to try on. I really liked this long sweater.

It looks super cute with my yoga pants and sneakers, no? Ha!

photo (937)

I was really tempted to buy these boots as well but for $70 I just couldn’t rationalize it.

photo (938)

I did find my very first kettle bell though!! Hooray for new workouts to try!
photo (936)
I ended up leaving Marshals with a shirt, the sweater, a bowl (wth), and my kettle bell. No overalls. Whomp whomp.

Last night wouldn’t have been complete without more episodes of Parenthood, obviously. I also foam rolled a lot. It was glorious to loosen up my sore muscles!

I slept so well last night and I was pumped to wake up and get to work… Because I had oatmeal for my breakfast waiting for me! With the return of the chilly weather, oats are a lovely way to start my morning!
photo (935)
I had a very basic but filling lunch thanks to my meal prep Monday night. I had chopped baked chicken tenders and roasted sweet potato fries. Sweet baby rays is the only thing to dip these in if you like to be happy.
photo (934)
Off to see my Mike and hopefully finalize our silly Halloween costumes, stay tuned everyone! Have a great night!


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