Friday Fun!!

TGIF people!! I’m so glad it’s Friday because I have so much fun to look forward to starting tonight!  We’re meeting our friends for dinner that recently got married. I can’t wait for some fun drinks and NACHOS!!! 🙂

Then tomorrow it’s a busy day! Ill be sure to share pictures from our event with Mike’s family as well as a super fun Halloween party!!!

Today started out bitter cold. Like I don’t wanna get out of my hot shower cold. Um, it’s only October how is it already this cold in Maryland!?

photo (942)

I had to defrost my windshield!
photo (941)
My eats were the exact same as yesterday so ill spare you the horrid pictures and instead show you some fun things instead.

Like my favorite sub from dinner last night!
photo (943)
This cupcake from Tasty Tuesday that brightened up my work day:
photo (940)
And last but not least this delicious diet coke!
photo (939)
I don’t have a lot of soda these days anymore but I do like I treat myself every once and a while and boy this this perk me up this afternoon!

I better go shower and get ready for our dinner out! Be sure to check in tomorrow for a fun new workout I’ve tried!!!


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