Yoga Inferno

Hey there, happy saturday! i hope the beginning of your weekend is treating you well. I started my day off right with hot oats in a jar and American Horrie Story on Demand. Im still trying to give this show a good try.


As it was wrapping up, Mike came home from the gym with a dunkin iced coffee for me. He is definitely a keeper!

I spent the morning running errands and plan on completing a DVD today for my exercise. Which DVD you might ask…

This one.


Jillian Michaels. You’ve done it again! You made your way into my living room to kick my butt, push my limits, and provide a killer at home workout!

This Yoga Inferno DVD is an awesome step up from her original yoga video because it offers options with weights and bursts of cardio. This is one killer workout people! I’ve never found one of her videos I didn’t like so I knew as soon as I saw this in the store I had to have it!

Jillian never fails me. She always keeps it concise to 30 minutes and promises a challenge. I will say I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone with this video… It was HARD! But I knew when I was done I had gotten in a quality workout and felt energized!!

I would definitely recommend this video for anyone who loves a challenging home workout! Let me know if you guys give it a try!!


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