I don’t want the weekend to end!

Boy, time flies when you’re having fun. This weekend has been packed with activities, time with friends, and lots of laughs! I don’t want it to end! We left off on Saturday afternoon when we met up with Mike’s family at Ropewalk Tavern in Baltimore City for a fun fundraiser. It was nice to spend time with his family and meet their friends!


Following a few hours mingling, we headed back to Mike’s house to get ready for a Halloween party! Can you guess who we were!?!

We had an absolute blast at the party and got a lot of laughs from our carts! We went out to a cool bar after the party for some dancing and another drink before it was time to catch a can back home. We ended up leaving out carts at the party but I am still so impressed with how well Mike made them! Who knew he had such talent!!?!

It was a late but fun night out last night and I was so happy to sleep until 8:30 today! We lounged around, had coffee and breakfast and watched a movie on TV this morning before we got ready for the day.

On the agenda was lunch and a movie. We went to Wegmans for lunch! Love the options!


There’s so many options on the salad bar!!

After lunch we hurried to the movie theater to see Bad Grandpa. Oh. My. Word. That was one of the funniest movies I have seen all year. I was belly laughing! Go see it immediately!

After the movie Mike took me to see his new office! His company is growing exponentially and I’m so proud of him! The office is so huge! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Now we are back at the house watching football and relaxing. I’m not ready for the weekend to end!!!


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