Hey guys! How is your week starting off? I’ve had a few Monday fails but I won’t let them get me down! I’m starting my week off right with some cuteness that I found on Pinterest last night!

photo (11)

Even ripping my tights after my workout couldn’t get me down after I looked at that picture again!!! Haha fail!

I digress. Let me rewind to where  we left off! Last night was a lot of hanging around watching TV and chatting with Mike’s roommates! It was a relaxing night… Until The Walking Dead came on! I won’t give anything away but I really hope Michonne and Darryl get to safety!

After that heart pumping ending, I had a really hard time falling to sleep! The scary movie previews before Bad Grandpa didn’t help either!! I am the biggest wimp ever!!!!

Surprisingly, I woke up refreshed and chipper an ready to start my day. A warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee helped too! I enjoyed a simple and lovely breakfast today as well.

photo (946)

Peanut butter banana bread!
photo (944)
So filling!!

Lunch today was nutrient dense too thanks to a heaping side salad!

photo (945)

I had a pizza veggie burger with a salad that filled me right up after my lunch time workout! I completed a killer full body workout and 25 minutes on the elliptical. I’m sure I will be feeling it tomorrow after all the round the clock lunges!!!

How have you made your Monday great!?!?


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