Super FUN Yoga!!

I love me some yoga. It’s a great way to treat myself with me time, get a good stretch, and take time to actually relax and unplug for an hour each week. I’ve been pretty lax with going lately but I started up last week and went again last night. Gosh I missed it! photo (551) I left feeling rejuvenated and totally calm. I need that for my type A, over achieving, neurotic, anxious self. Wow I sound like a peach! Hahah!!

Until last night, I forgot how much FUN yoga  and exercise in general could be! Yes, it’s fun for me to challenge myself and to see improvements in flexibility, but I had no idea that yoga would make me smile and giggle!

Mid-way through our flow class last night our teacher decided to spice things up. She walked over to the stereo and popped on Mary J Blige and we did different variations of the chair pose for the entire four plus minute song.



It was killer but my god was it fun! She made us dance and loosen up and just move with the music at parts! It was such a fun twist to the normal class and I hope she decides to do that again it the future! I think it made everyone have the best day! Even the old ladies in class were shakin’ it! That is how all exercise should be: fun! I already can’t wait for class next week!

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had exercising??


6 thoughts on “Super FUN Yoga!!

  1. That would have been a hilarious surprise in a yoga class – and it would have made chair pose a little more bearable!

    My last fun workout was this afternoon on a run. I ran an old route during lunch, and there were so many huge and crunchy leaves on the ground, we were having a ball kicking everything into the air!

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