A very fun Halloween!

Woo Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day!!!!!

Did anyone else ever sing that song in elementary school? I still find myself singing it regularly! Ha!

How was your Halloween? Ours was so much fun because we got the chance to celebrate our friend’s 25th birthday! I’m so glad he had a fun day!

After work yesterday I went to Mike’s house to meet up with our friends and to change because we wee headed out to dinner and happy hour for Ben’s birthday! We went to a local bar called Hightops that has great bar food! I enjoyed a Redd’s apple ale along with my turkey wrap (which was so fresh and awesome by the way) and had fun chatting with everyone! We even got the live band to sing happy birthday to him!

I wish I would have taken more pictures!

When we came home, the boys quickly threw on a fire and we all sat outside to give candy to the (very few) trick or treaters!

photo (950)

Even though there weren’t many that came through we still had fun goofing around and having some drinks!

Like my snazzy glass?!

photo (948)

I had a new to me wine last night called Vidal Blanc by a local winery and it was absolutely fantastic! So fresh and crisp!

We also had to break out the dessert blondies I made for the occasion! These are just so good and so easy to make! They were definitely a hit with the crowd!
photo (949)
I had to be back to work today so I made sure to get a good nights sleep!

My lunch today was awesome! I heated up some vegetable fried rice from Trader Joe’s and added a fried egg with some soy sauce. This stuff tasted like the bad for you real carryout stuff! It was amazing!
photo (951)
I also got in a great sweat session at lunch today! I combined 20 minutes of HITT with 25 minutes of steady state on the elliptical and it was awesome! So many endorphins!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!!!


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