Date night in and IT has begun

Happy Saturday friends!

Last night Mike and I had quite the fiesta! We had a quiet night in together so I made us a Mexican feast! We had nachos of course along with our make your own tacos and rice!




With full bellies we settled in for the night to watch some TV. A Night at the Roxbury was on and we just couldn’t resist a good laugh from Will Ferrell!

It was early to bed and early to rise. For Mike at least! I fell asleep at at 10 Nd slept in until 9!! It was a great sleep! We lounged around playing with Sparky this morning until Mike made us egg sandwiches for breakfast! I even snuck in a round of Yoga Inferno for a good sweat sesh!

Mike left around 12 to coach lacrosse so my mom and I hopped in the car to go to the outlets!


I made a huge dent in my Christmas shopping! I am in full on elf mode now! My favorite season is here! My love of all things Christmas and holidays is in full force!


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