I love me some blackberry jelly!!!

Monday is here again my friends! How are you workin’ with the time change?! I personally had a great night’s sleep and woke up before my alarm!! I was not a huge fan of driving home in the dark though! Oh well!


My day started out super sweet and sunny! I am loving this new jelly I got on Friday at the grocery store! I love me some blackberry and I have tried to have it with every meal possible!

photo 2

Case in point!

photo 1

Peanut butter and blackberry jelly roll up for breaky!

It was so simple and perfect, just the way I like it!

I did a super sweat workout at lunch today and decided to bring back the plank challenge! Instagram your pics with #plankchallenge so that we can all keep up with each other’s growth!! My goal is to have 5 minutes by Christmas to try to beat the bulge that usually accompanies the holidays! Who is in?!?!

photo 3

My beginning plank wasn’t so bad!

I refueled at lunch with a homemade burrito bowl from Friday night’s taco night leftovers! They tasted awesome repurposed over quinoa!!

photo 4

I am off to have dinner with my family and play with my Spark boy!! Have a lovely night!


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