Wacky Wednesday Workout!

Today has been a wacky Wednesday for sure. It started out with an extra long commute thanks to some deer guts splattered all over the highway and everyone slowed down to see every leaking vein. Gag. Sorry for he image.

I got to work about the time I finished my coffee (I always drink my thermos of coffee on the way to work. It’s my me time) and started my day before 8! I wanted to get a lot done in the morning since we all got free flu shots!
photo 1 (1)
It already is starting to make my shoulder sore but at least I’ll have better immunity against the flu!

I went back to work after the nasty shot and chugged along until lunch time for my workout! This one was a beast but I loved it! This fast paced workout kept me entertained and schwetty (yep that’s an adjective).

Now for the wacky Wednesday workout!!!

It went a little like this:
35 minutes on the elliptical. No snoozing here though! The first 5 minutes are your warmup. After that you have four. Count em. Four rounds of tabata intervals!  After each four minute tabata segment recover with three minutes of steady state and once all four rounds are complete you can do steady state until the end.

1-5 warm up
5-9 tabata (20 sec on 10 recover, repeat)
9-11 steady
Repeat tabata.

You get the gist.

You’d think the workout was over after that cardio but no way! I created this circuit to be done four times! Don’t worry it’s quick! Move quickly from one exercise to the next and complete four rounds. I held a kettle bell for the squats and dead lifts!

10 squats
10 sumo squats
10 dead lifts
10 step ups on each leg
10 calf raises on each leg
30 second wall sit

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds!

You’re gonna hate me after the next one but I promise you won’t forget it!

Finish off the workout with a new PLANK CHALLENGE! I improved from Monday! By a good amount at that!

photo 2

See I told you it’s been a wacky day! My workout was all over the place but I absolutely loved it!! Give it a try! Let me know what you think!


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