I got wild and leftover leftovers

Hey there! How is your day going?

Last night was so relaxing! I headed to Mike’s house after work and it was great to see him! We decided on a quick dinner since I wanted to get home in time to see the CMA Award show!!

Subway to the rescue!

I was wild and got sweet onion sauce. My breath was really fun for everyone around me last night.


So classic and good. I’m easy to please!

We got home after the fancy meal and parked it on the couch! We watched some Cutthroat Kitchen and switched it to the awards five minutes in. I was devastated to find out I had just missed Luke because I adore him (we’re on a first name basis obviously) but I loved all of the other performances! My favorite of the night was Keith and Miranda singing We We’re Us. It’s my favorite song right now and I thought Miranda looked amazing! So toned and she was so confident up there! You go girl!! You could just tells he was having the BEST time!

We watched until 10 and I started falling asleep because I am a total granny and need lots of sleep!

It was Dunkin to the rescue this morning though! I got my usual coffee with skim and one Splenda!


We had a breakfast potluck at work today which made the morning so fun! It was great to taste a little bit of everything!

I made my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and they were a TOTAL hit! I am not sure even a crumb was left! (I patted myself on the back)

But, when lunch time rolled around I waited and waited for the hunger to come and it just didn’t!

I heated up my meal around 1:45 and tried to eat it but I guess my body was still full so I repacked up the majority of my leftover pasta and put it back in the fridge.


Looks like it’ll be lunch for another day!

Tonight I’ve got yoga on the docket and I’m excited for a good stretch after my leg burning workout from yesterday’s my calves are still screaming!

I’ve also got a LOT of cooking to do tonight so I’m thinking a glass of wine will make that more fun!

Have a terrific night friends!


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