Best news ever!

Today was a fantastic day. Not only am I excited to meet my dear friend’s new baby (welcome to the world Parker!!!!) but we found out that my cousin Jaime is cancer free.

This has been such a trying time for Jaime and it’s hard to watch her go through such pain because we love her, but we are thrilled that she has BEAT her lymphoma! She has to complete 2 more weeklong rounds of chemo and will be finished with her hospital stay just before Christmas. Merry Christmas indeed! She has been such a trooper and fighter and we couldn’t be more proud of her strength! Congratulations Jaime! We will have the most wonderful celebration!

Some other little things that made today awesome:
Breakfast sandwich, I just love eggs.


My awesome lunchtime workout. I did the Plank and Burn circuit on Gina’s page and it left me so dead. Wow.

I had an easy lunch of leftover pizza. Heck any pizza even 5 days old will make me happy.


Lastly, but certainly not least, happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all of those that have and are currently serving to protect our freedom. We do not thank you enough!!!

Nothing can get me down today! What’s one thing that made your Monday awesome!?!


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