Baby Parker!

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you saw the cuteness that is my new friend Parker!

Isn’t he sweet? Parker is my dear friends new baby boy! Today is his one wee birthday! Happy day little guy!

After work yesterday my family and I went to visit Jaime, her husband, and baby Parker for the first time in person! I love him already and this “Aunt Jackie” can’t wait to spoil him rotten. He is just so sweet!

See, he even smiled for me! Or was that gas….. Hmmm. Oh well!

I only took a measly 37 pictures of him yesterday. Hence all the cuteness today.




We didn’t want to stay too long since sleep is a high priority right now and they’re trying to get into a routine but I just loved holding and getting to know the little man! He is such an angel!

After we left babypalooza, we headed to a small Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Hello corona!


I also had a mediocre veggie quesadilla that have me terrible indigestion ugh.


I just finished my peanut butter toast, I’m on a serious kick with that this week! Soon I’m off to the gym for some upper body strength and serious cardio!!!

Have a great Saturday friends!


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