Weekly Meal and Fitness Plan

Yesterday I had the bright idea to get organized for the week and I decided to get my meal plan ready. With the holidays approaching, things for this girl are busy busy busy!!! I love to be one of Santa’s Helpers!!! Especially now, I like to make sure I plan out my meals and workouts so that nothing falls by the wayside.

I did a big shop at Trader Joe’s last week so I don’t really need to get anything else this week besides some fresh fruit! Go me! A few of the nights may get switched around depending on what pops up in the evening, but that is ok because all of these meals are very flexible!


B- Ezekiel Toast with peanut butter and banana

L-Veggie burger sandwich and salad

D-Salmon Burger with Sweet Potato Tots

W-Kick your Asana workout from Gina and HITT

B- Oatmeal

L- Confetti Mac and Cheese

D-Mini pizza on sandwich thin

W-Steady State (40) and yoga

B- Ezekiel Toast with peanut butter and banana

L-Mini pizza on sandwich thin

D-Quick brinner of eggs or leftovers depending on my time frame!!

W-Pyramid workout, elliptical 30

B-Ezekiel Toast with peanut butter and banana

L-Trader Joe’s Enchiladas


W-HITT, Yoga (DVD)


L-Tuna Sandwich with sweet potato chips

D-Girls dinner out

W-Burn/Blast/Balance workout


L-Salad with chicken or soup before the HUNGER GAMES 🙂

D-Out to dinner with Mike

W-45 minutes cardio and yoga


I hope this helps you as much as it helps me and gives ya a couple ideas for the week! I am all about quick and easy but it makes me feel so much better when healthy options are at my fingertips and already planned!

Here’s to a great Monday!


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