The many styles of healthy living {guest post}

Hi! My name is Mike and I am here to talk about my healthy living style. I am sure you are asking “Who are you, and what have you done with Jackie?”. I can assure you that Jackie is fine, actually she is my girlfriend of almost 5 years. We met in college where we were both NCAA Division 3 athletes.

Some Quick Hits About Me:

– I stared working out and watching what I ate in High school, this was mainly because of sports.

– College is really when I got into seriously working out and watching my diet to better myself on the field.

– After college I found it hard to maintain that healthy lifestyle. When I stopped playing lacrosse it was hard to get motivated to eat healthy, although I still loved lifting weights.

– Which brings us to now, I have set myself up on a very structured plan to maintain that healthy lifestyle. I am going to give you a short summary of my plan below!


First, let’s talk exercise. I enjoy working out in the mornings, which means waking up early. I feel that I perform much better at work when I get a good lift or do cardio in the mornings. This is not for everyone, some people are not morning people and have their worst workouts in the morning, but there are studies to prove that working out in the morning improves work productivity and happiness!!

Below is my weekly workout plan, I try to do a lot of different exercises and vary the reps that I do. This keeps the body guessing, sometimes if I am feeling crazy I will do a workout in reverse of the normal pattern. All of those techniques  will throw your muscles off of their normal routine and you will see better results. In the future (If Jackie Lets Me) I can get more into the different lifts that I  do, but I did not want this post to be a mile long! {Edited to add- duh of course you can come back!! 😉 }








Weights Cardio Weights / Kickboxing Cardio Weights Weights Rest
Chest 1 – Mile Run Shoulders 1 Mile Run Chest Shoulders
Back 4 – 1/4 Mile’s 1 – 1/2 Mile Legs 4 1/4 mile’s Triceps Legs
Biceps 10 min elliptical Kickboxing Class 10 min elliptical Biceps
Abs Abs


Now, onto my diet. I eat the same thing pretty much every day Monday through Friday, unlike Jackie who though some sort of crazy magic is able to come up with a new meal idea every day of the week. I eat this every day because for me, the key is to be structured.

It is important for me to eat throughout the day so I do not get hungry. If I get hungry I will feast on whatever is around, through all caution to the wind and fall completely off the wagon. I tend to let go a little on the weekends because I love food. {Edited to add, and I like him to take me on dates 🙂 }

Don’t get me wrong, it is very hard to eat the same thing every day, I have been doing this meal program for about 3 months now and have just about had enough. Soon I will switch to a new one, which I can share with you (If Jackie Lets Me).

7:00(Breakfast) – Protein Shake (2 scoops of gold standard whey, chocolate mint flavor) This is my breakfast and fills me up pretty good photo (954)

10:00 – Almonds, I eat 1/3 cup of almonds they are roasted and salted

photo (955)11:000 – I have a bag of mini carrots 12:000

photo (956)(Lunch) – Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Hot sauce, and Spinach. Then I have 2 of the Thick hard pretzels

photo (958)2:00 – Time for my Greek Yogurt!!

4:00- Apple for a snack

6:00(Dinner) – 1/2 cup of rice, chicken, and broccoli. photo (957)Thanks for reading, I hope I was able to improve your healthy living plan! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and Jackie will relay them to me.



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