Weekend update

How are you guys?!Long time no see! What a fun weekend I had! It was so full of fun I didn’t have time to pop in to social media until now! Ahh where should I begin?

Friday night I had a girls night at my friends house! We all hung and got takeout pizza for dinner. It was fun!

I was asleep by 1030 Friday night so Saturday was an early one! I woke up at 7 and watched some American Horror Story with my oats in a jar and coffee!


I’m glad I got up early and let that digest because I went to my first body pump class in ages on Saturday morning. I’m still sore…


I hurried back and showered because Mike and I had to grab lunch before going to see Catching Fire! Bagel sandwiches helloooooo


If you haven’t seen Catching Fire yet, go. You won’t regret it!
After the movie we hung out with Mike’s parents to hang Christmas lights and eventually headed back to his house to make dinner in the evening! Nachos and tacos for the win!



We had a fun night with friends watching We’re the Millers and went out for a drink with them afterwards! It was fun!!

Yesterday was full of family time! We celebrated Thanksgiving with my whole family and had a great time seeing everyone! There was so much food! It was all so delicious! I’m excited to start this week of thanksgiving fun on that note! Happy Monday friends!!!


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