Thanksgiving recap!

Hey guys! Did you have a good thanksgiving? I sure did! My day started out with parade watching, making my family breakfast and a killer circuit workout!

I was really productive in the morning but got rest quickly and said bye to my favorite lil man so that I could get to Mike’s house!

I don’t think he wanted to be woken up for a goodbye snuggle. Just a hunch.

When I got to Mike’s we had a light lunch to save room for dinner. Salads it was!

After hanging out for a bit, it was time to go to Mike’s uncles house for dinner and some delicious food. I didn’t take my phone out because I was busy chatting and watching football but here is a shot from us from before dinner!

We had a lovely meal and went back to spend time with his parents afterward and to watch the Ravens’s game! We won woo!!

It was such a fun night but I crashed hard by the time we got home! It was worth it to get up and get my Black Friday shopping done before noon though! I even snuck in 45 minutes of the elliptical!

After Mike finished studying (CPA exam) and I finished my morning activities, we reconvened at Qdoba for a quick lunch!


Now were hanging at the house and preparing to decorate for Christmas! I’m so excited!!!!!

Just a reminder to my fellow elves today! Drink up! Maker sure you track how much water you consume! I am!



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