Meals and fitness for the week!

Hey Everyone!

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend? Tomorrow means back to reality so I made sure to go to Trader Joe’s to get my healthful food to get me through the week ahead! I also sat down this morning after decorating my Christmas tree with my parents to make a meal and fitness plan for the week so I have a general idea of what the week will hold!



L-Veggie burger salad

D-Crockpot chicken

W-Ripped in 30 workout and elliptical hill workout


B- Egg sandwich

L- Veggie burger salad

D- Leftover night

W-Yoga and elliptical easy


B- Oatmeal

L-Baked chicken and sweet potato fries


W-HITT and upper body workout


B- Egg sandwich

L-Baked chicken salad

D-Salmon burger

W-Yoga, Tabata workout, walk with a buddy!


B- Oatmeal

L- Baked chicken and sweet potato fries

D-Out to dinner

W-Lower body workout and HITT


B-Egg Sandwich


D-Out to dinner

W-Body Pump and Rowing workout


I am halfway through my 100 burpees today! I have to hurry to finish them now because Mike and I are going to cut down his tree with his family this afternoon! I am so excited! This elf is in full force!!!!


How are you planning your meals this week? Any one else doing the 100 burpees? They are no JOKE!!! I am going to feel it tomorrow!


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