Hey! Happy hump day!

What is new with you all this week? I’m still going strong in the elf for health challenge and loving it! However, I think I jacked up my back doing not so proper form on the burpees Sunday. I’m going to continue to take this week easy on the exercise front to make sure it’s ok. My low back feels like it needs a good crack and I just can’t release it. I’ve been heating and tried icing last night for some relief. I am Murphy’s law. Haha.

This week is flying for me. I thought for sure it would drag after my short week of work last week but I can hardly keep up! Work has been busy and I’ve been busy every night! Monday night I wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents that I’ve gotten so far and helped my parents decorate for Christmas! Last night I met a friend for dinner and did some prepping in the kitchen too! Tonight I’m off to see Mike! I am a girl on the go!

Did anyone get any cyber Monday deals? I didn’t see anything that really struck me so I refrained. Probably a mistake. Haha! When in doubt shop! I did get an Athleta catalog in the mail with 20% off. Has anyone gotten clothes from there before? I want to use the discount! suggestions please!

I am getting a little more scattered here but has anyone seen the Walking Dead from this weekend? I cannot wait for it to return what a shocking end! Tragic but then again that’s the premise of the show! I also tuned into the Christmas Country Music special in time to watch Willie from Duck Dynasty sing with Luke Bryan Monday night. Who knew he could sing like that? Luke was gorgeous as always!

I hope you were able to follow my (scattered) train of thought haha! Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂


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