The weather outside was frightful!

Hey everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was packed full if fun!

Friday night we went bowling with friends, I was most improved and I was impressed! Our first game I was the gutter ball queen scoring only 31 points. But in our last game I worked my way up to 110 and even beat Mike! Woo!

Saturday started out with breakfast at the house and a tough elliptical workout at the gym! After I showered and got ready Mike and I grabbed lunch at Wegman’s and got some more Christmas shopping out of the way! We were able to knock a lot of it out of the way! Success! We relaxed in the afternoon with friends and played cards!

In the evening a few of our college friends came in from out of state so we all went out to dinner to catch up before a night out on the town in Federal Hill in Baltimore. We had a blast but it made for the laziest of days in this house! Especially with the winter storm that stuck Baltimore!

The snow started around nine and it started hard! It was pretty to see on the trees though!


Once we woke up and showered Mike and I headed to the grocery store and got some football food for the day. It was crazy! Cars were sliding all over the place and I was so happy we weren’t doing anything else Sunday!


It snowed all day and made for an unusual but fun ravens game to watch from the couch! I even snuck a nap in there!

In the evening the freezing rain creeped in. I was more than happy to stay warm and on the couch with my man!


I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “The weather outside was frightful!

  1. I hear ya with the snow! I actually really can’t stand it. It’s pretty to look at, but that’s about it. It started flurrying around 10ish and then just.wouldn’t.stop. We got about 8 inches and even though I enjoyed being lazy most of the day and also got a cat nap in, when you’re not expecting a literal snow day, it kind of puts a damper on what you had planned for the day. We didn’t have big plans, but I wanted to go to the food store and prep some meals for the week.Ohhh well. 😉

    Oh yeah, I heard more snow tomorrow…not as much but, wth!?

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