Easy Snacking! Shhh it is healthy!!

Today’s Elf for Health challenge is all about healthy snacking!

photo 3 (1)

I am not much of a snacker, I prefer to have more rounded meals. However, in the afternoons if I find that I am getting hunger pangs I will reach for one of the healthy snacks that I keep on hand at my desk! If there are healthy options for me I will not go looking for something in the vending machine!

I have found that keeping healthy options on hand, makes the decision to live a healthy lifestyle much more manageable!

Below are a few of my very favorite snacks that are not only healthy, but tasty, nutritious, and filling to boot!

1. Almonds. Like any other peanut, almond, trail mix or nut butter lover, almonds perfectly satisfy my hunger and salty cravings!

photo 3 (3)2. Apples or other small fruit. I love these little honey crisp apples from Trader Joe’s lately, even more so if they have peanut butter with them! 🙂

photo 2 (9)3. Greek Yogurt! This is a protein punch that will keep you full for a long time! Plus I like to add cinnamon sometimes to jazz up the flavors!

photo 4 (5)4. Z Bars. These bars are the bomb! I discovered them at Trader Joe’s after the gym one day. For just over a hundred calories you can’t beat the flavor and ease of the on the go bar! Go try the oatmeal cookie….now!

photo 1 (12)I hope this little list of my favorite healthy snacks helps inspire you to add to your collection of healthy snack ideas! Make sure you reach out to your new elves this week too! Have a happy hump day!


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