Snow day adventures!

Good morning! My office was closed on Tuesday for the 5 additional inches of snow we got here in good old Baltimore during the day. I had grand plans of being the queen sloth of laziness but when I couldn’t fall back asleep at 5:40 I decided to seize the day off! I relaxed in bed for an hour and had a delicious cup of coffee in my snowman mug and watched my favorite Bravo shows. It was glorious!!!

I finally moseyed downstairs to have a banana and organize. I set my sights on tackling the vicious Tupperware cabinet. I swear those stupid lids try to shoot out and kill me every chance they get. I got rid of old containers and matched every set! Mission accomplished!
photo 3 (6)
After all that matching and stacking I worked up an appetite!! Since I’m rarely home in the mornings I decided to make myself a delicious French toast since I never have the time to!photo 2 (12)
All I did was soak a sandwich thin in 1/3 cup of egg beaters, cinnamon, and a dash of almond milk for a bit then cooked it all up in a skillet! I drizzled peanut butter over top of all of it (obviously!) and devoured it! Man, that was good!!

With all that fuel, I tackled laundry, meal prep for the rest of the week, and did all the dishes. I sound like a housewife. I had a blast crossing all that off my to do list!

Next, I decided to get a head start on the snow and shoveled for an hour. What a workout! I was drenched in sweat!!! I did the driveway, the deck, and spots in the yard for my prince Sparky to do his business, he is a diva!
photo 4 (7)
After all that messy work, I came back in and cleaned myself up. I also reheated some of the food I prepared for a quick and veggie packed lunch!photo 1 (15)

After my lunch was cleaned up I finally took a break and sat on the couch. I found myself a half hour later into Jurassic Park and realized I had fallen asleep! I guess all the housework wore me out!

Since I was refreshed, I popped in a yoga DVD for a quick workout! I haven’t done yoga in 2 weeks and boy did I feel it!!
photo 2 (11)
Before I knew it, I was doing more laundry, watching Ellen, playing with Spark and my day was almost over!

The night was a blur but I had my usual subway turkey for dinner and rounded out the night watching The Family Stone (LOVE) with my momma. We had a great night!photo 3 (5)

It was a fun end to my snow day indeed! I could use another one next week too! Ha!!!


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