Time Saving Tips and Tricks!

Today in the Elf for Health challenge, the aim is to share your expertise. I knew without a doubt that I would share with you my morning time saving trips for girls (and boys) on the go!

I live an hour away from work and there is always Baltimore traffic. Therefore, I have to be very efficient with my time in the morning. I am sure it doesn’t have to be said, but I also love my sleep. I love to sleep as long as I can and that is why I have narrowed down a morning routine that helps me out the door is less than 30 minutes from waking up!! Who wouldn’t want that! More sleep and an easy morning! Hello!

So, without further ado, follow these tips to save you time, stress, and lack of sleep in the mornings you are on the run!

  • Meal plan. Knowing what you are going to eat during the week makes mornings easy and you don’t have to think at all!
  • After you meal plan, pack your meals in advance. Prep all of your food once during the week. Pack your meals the night before in a bag in the fridge so that all you need to do is grab and go!
  • Set out your coffee and fill the coffee pot the night before. This is a no brainer! Easy!photo 1 (18)
  • Plan your outfit and make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. Iron it, steam it, make sure it is ready to put on!

photo 2 (15)

  • Pack your gym bag and set it near your purse so it is ready to go when you are!
  • Streamline your makeup routine. Pack only the makeup you use in your everyday make up bag so that your options are easy and your routine is simple.
  • Start your car while your coffee is brewing so it is ready for you to go!

Do you have any other tips to streamline your mornings on the go?


8 thoughts on “Time Saving Tips and Tricks!

  1. Great tips! I too, love to sleep in as late as possible and am a huge night-before planner. I also am an avid meal planner – planning everything the weekend before the week ahead allows me to make healthier choices easier during the week.

  2. I love all your tips and tricks! You would be surprised at how many people still don’t plan/prepare even though they are in a rush and don’t have time. A lot of people will just skip steps (breakfast, make up, etc.) I don’t know about you but I love doing those things. Breakfast is the best and I hate not wearing make up. If it is me, I would much rather follow your steps for a smooth and efficient morning rather than not doing anything at all.

    Thanks girl! ❀

    Have a great holiday. πŸ˜€


  3. I work in Philly and take the train every day. Driving distance to Philly is a good 30 minutes from me I’d say, but for work, it’s so much easier taking the line. It’s an easy ride but of course there are days where it sucks and I loathe it.

    We thankfully live .7 miles from a train station so I still warm up the car while I’m doing other things in the morning and drive to the station. And I always prepare stuff to eat the night before. Now if only the train station sold coffee…{ I don’t drink it every day and my husband hates coffee so it’s sort of pointless to have a coffee maker up in the house}. πŸ™‚

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