Holiday Favorites!

Hi Friends!

5 days left until Christmas can you believe it!?!? All of my gifts are ready and I have another holiday party tomorrow then a weekend full of the fun stuff! I am just a tadddddddd excited, I am part elf ya know! 🙂

The other day, my friend Katie= shared this awesome Holiday Favorite’s survey and I smiled reading hers! Once I finished I just knew I had to jump in on the fun! I hope you will do the same! I would love to know your answers!!!

Holiday Favorites:

Cookie– Good old fashioned chocolate chip!

SongChristmas Canon

Movie– How do I pick between The Family Stone, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone, I can’t so I won’t!

Tradition– Opening just one gift from my parents on Christmas Eve, it is always some sort of memorable ornament that relates to the past year! I hope to always carry on that tradition!

Meal– Do cookies for Santa count? 🙂

Breakfast– My mom’s delicious breakfast casserole…. My mouth is watering already! I will have to share the recipe!!! Not healthy but so worth it for one of the most special days of the year!!

Person to shop for– My mom! It is like shopping for myself! I love it! No guess work!

Way to open gifts– FREE FOR ALL! HAHA!!!! Just kidding! I love watching people that I give to open presents and I savor smiles on their faces!

Tree topper– Bows, we have always done that because my mom likes it! Now I do it too! The more sparkles, the better!photo 3 (10)

Ornament– Any ornament my parents have given me over the years!

Real or Fake tree– There is nothing more fun than chopping down your own tree. Plus, the smell. Oh the fresh smell!photo 1 (20)

Shopping yay or nay?- YAY!! Hello! This girl loves to shop! I especially love having my shopping done by the first week of December!photo 2 (17)

Your turn! Tell me some of your answers in the comments!!


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