Nothing like a quiet night in!

The other night was a quiet night for me but it was the best! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (which I adore) is great but sometimes all you need is a quiet night with the ones you love.

Mike is currently studying to sit for the CPA exam and I thought it would be a really nice treat to make him dinner for when he was done! He loves steak so I wanted to make a delicious and well rounded meal.

I even grilled. By myself. For the first time ever. And I didn’t burn anything down!photo 1 (23)

Check out this delicious steak salad!photo 2 (20)

I served it with sautéed onions and mushrooms, green beans, and roasted red potatoes with garlic! Yum!  It was a total hit! Am I the only one that loves hot toppings on salads?! Get in my belly!

After we cleaned up dinner, we got to wrapping more gifts! I secretly love this task and couldn’t wait to start!photo 1 (22)

Mike just got in his new lacrosse helmet and I couldn’t help but try it on too. SELFIE!photo 2 (19)

How do I look?

We rounded out the awesome night in watching Home Alone on TV. That movie never gets old. I just can’t help but laugh still!

It was a great night to relax but I am totally ready for the festivities to begin TODAY! We have a holiday party at work and then we are hitting the road for my family celebration in the morning! Tune in tomorrow for a great workout! 🙂

Do you grill? Do you like to wrap gifts?


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