Christmas Recap!!!

Hey friends! How was your holiday celebration? We had such a blast here. I didn’t want it to end but it always does! Countdown for next year?!!?!

Anyway, I’m so excited to get back to eating normal meals today! I’m over with feeling like I’m constantly full! Ha! Yay for routines!

Here is a rather long picture recap from my new iPad!! Snazzy right!!


I was very good this year and I feel honestly so spoiled!! Thanks to everyone that made my Christmas so special!!


Christmas night we all put on our new footie pajamas and settled in to watch A Christmas Story. Love that movie!!!



I was beat from all of the excitement from the day. We went out to dinner with my grandparents following church and had such fun with everyone!

On Christmas Day we woke up early to open gifts! Spark loved his!!



Before we knew it my family was arriving! We had a fun packed day of a delicious meal, fun games, and family time!!!







I hope you had as fun and love filled holiday season as I did! Comeback tomorrow for a delicious new recipe!


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