Rest day laziness!

Yesterday was the king of all rest days. I slept in until 9. Mike and I had a delicious breakfast. I got laundry and other chores around the house underway and watched an episode of Scandal in my new Netflix account all before 11 am. Woo! I’m tired just thinking about all that!!!

Once I got my stuff together Mike and I headed over to his house house to hang out for the Ravens game. We went and got carry out for lunch to eat while we watched too! I should have know that the rain outside meant we should have ordered in but I suggested we pitched it up. Not only did the mess up my order sending me back out to get my lunch but I got home and forgot to say no bleu cheese again when I went back the second time. #FAIL

I would have loved this buffalo chicken salad but bleu cheese makes me die a little.


I ended up just eating off the chicken and giving away the actual salad. Bummer but it happens! Haha!!!!!

We spent the day watching the Ravens(lose) and playing Candy Crush. We are totally addicted!!!! It is bad! We also managed to organize all of Mike’s clothes which was a random spot productivity in the afternoon!!

Later in the evening, we decided to go out for dinner again (I’m excited to eat at home ALL day today haha) and picked up Chipotle. At least this wasn’t a fail!!

They were very generous scoopers and I couldn’t finish it all, but boy was it good!!

We spent the rest of the evening watching football and you guessed it, being lazy on the couch!

I am so lucky! I am off work until Thursday so I have a lot to do today! Body pump this morning will be followed up by some HITT on the elliptical and maybe some yoga in the evening if I am feeling motivated! I have some errands to run as well as some serious organization of my own to do with all of my new Christmas clothes as we’ll. I secretly love that!!

what are you doing today?!


4 thoughts on “Rest day laziness!

  1. Back to work for me! Trying to be positive and appreciate getting back to routine.

    Love chipotle and lazy Sunday’s! Your’s sounds perfect except for the whole salad debacle!

    Enjoy the last few days of freedom! Happy New Year!

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