The return to body pump!!

Thank goodness I did it!! I forgot how much I love it! Body pump kicks my butt every time but it’s the best bang for my buck strength workout! Your music was great, the instructor was energetic and I am already getting sore. Total win!!! I guess my protein packed breakfast carried me through!!!


I followed class with intervals on the elliptical watching Kelly and Michael. I’m so glad I did because Kristen Wiig was the guest and she cracks me up! My favorite comedienne for sure!!!

After the gym, I came home and got ready and cleaned out my car. It’s going to be getting some work done soon so I wanted it to look nice!

I loved being home and having options for lunch today but I settled on my favorite Trader Joe’s black bean and corn enchilada! It’s just so good!!!

During the afternoon I did a lot of laundry and a whole lot of this:


I am SO hooked on scandal!! Sparky wasn’t a fan though!


My parents got back from a trip last night so we all went to dinner together to catch up! I’d was fun! We went to the outback and I got the salmon. So freaking good. I must recreate it at home!


Today I have a ton to do including making food for the NYE party were attending!! I’m so excited to party it up with my friends!!! Happy almost new year my friends!!!


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