Back to reality….

We’ll my friends, it is true. The holidays are officially over and a new year has begun. I did thoroughly enjoy the time off that I had over the holidays but I am glad to get back into a routine. Ask me that again in two weeks. I’m sure I will be whistling a different tune! Hahaha!!!

As I say all that, boy am I glad that I only work today and tomorrow before the weekend is upon us! πŸ™‚

I am happy to get back to normal meals, planned exercise, lots of water and less of this:


It was fun while it lasted though!!!

Our NYE celebration was such fun! We went to our friend from college’s house and he held quite the party! Music, friends, dancing, snacks, and of course fun drinks made for a very fun night! I was very tired yesterday but we had a nice first day of 2014!!!

Today my plans include work work working, getting I’m a lunchtime HITT workout, and ending the evening with some yoga to loosen up from body pump earlier in the week. If we get the snow they are calling for a DVD is on the docket but I’d love to get into an actual class!! Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!!


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