I am a woman on a mission!

I know one of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat less processed foods but it is only January 3rd and I am semi breaking this resolution. But before you run away thinking I aka quack, hear me out!

Does anyone else have a freezer that looks like this? Don’t get mad at me mom!!!


Not all of this food is mine, since I live with my parents still, but I still want to bring down the beast! I am guilty of buying frozen meals for convenience and a good price. I don’t think these are bad in moderation since I usually stick with good clean brands like Kashi, Vans, Trader Joes, and a few other brands, but I don’t want these confident meals to become a habit for me. Making healthy meals just takes some planning and prep and can be just as price conscious!


I just want to start the year on a clean slate. Organized. Refreshed. Renewed.

I’m doing this one step at a time and I hope you’ll bear with me if my food pics are less than stellar until my mission is complete. It is not easy making frozen enchiladas look as delicious as hey taste but I will sure as heck try!

I am seriously hoping that my mission will not last past the next week because I am a freak and I miss Trader Joe’s. I like to food shop. I am weird and it is fun for me. I like goals with timelines to keep me accountable so I’d like to be finished this by January 15th at the latest. I’m going to try to be as creative as I can with adding flavors too! I hope I don’t bore my stomach to death!

Don’t worry I’ll be getting my veggies in with side salads and my breakfasts won’t vary too much either since I have oats out the wazoo! Here is to a more organized freezer!

Cheers to Friday friends!!


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