A reunion with my favorite American

This is what I woke up to Saturday morning:

This Maryland girl was not made for such temperatures!!!! Apparently neither was my body pump instructor because when I got to the gym Saturday for class I realized class was cancelled. Boo! Luckily, I managed to get in a long workout on the elliptical and followed it up with a great core challenge!!!!

I was in a hurry to get home and get ready Saturday morning because I had plans to see my dear friend Valen from California for lunch with my family! You can find her blog here!!

Valen is such an inspiration to me and everyone she touches. I encourage you to check out her blog to see her optimistic outlook on everything she does. Also, I encourage you to read the book written about her life. Knowing what a strong woman is amidst every challenge she has faced makes you realize what is important. You can learn more about the book here on Amazon. The book is called My Favorite American and I promise you will have a brighter outlook on life after reading! It reminds me to never take any day for granted!

It was just so good to be reunited with my sister friend!




After our great lunch full of smiles and time catching up, I headed back home to celebrate Christmas with Mike’s family!


We had Mike’s twin brother’s girlfriend (catch that?) paint the building at Towson University where Mike’s parents met for their Christmas gift. She is so talented and it turned out beautifully!!



Every single brick was beautiful! Thank you again for the hard work meg!!

Sunday was full of sleeping in, brunch, movies, more cold weather, errands, and another final Christmas dinner. I hope you all had great weekends!

what did you do this weekend!?


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