{Tasty Tuesday} Kitchen Sink Stir Fry

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all staying warm because the weather here in Maryland is in the single digits here for the first time in years! I was not made for this weather! I don’t know how you northerners do it!!!!!!

How about a warm and conforming recipe to keep you warm for tonight’s dinner!? How bout a easy one to boot!? You’re in luck friends!

Since I am still in my freezer clean out mission, the majority of my ingredients came from there and are easily substituted!

All you have to do is deduce what you have on hand to use in your freezer!

Meat- I used a salmon burger but you can use frozen shrimp, chicken, turkey, or no meat at all!

Starch- rice is an obvious easy winner but I had a bunch of quinoa on hand that I cooked up for the week so I picked that!

Veggies- the sky is the limit! I used broccoli, green beans, half of an onion and corn. I think carrots, sprouts, and edamame would make delicious additions!

Sauce/seasonings- I chose teriyaki and some soy sauce. I think a sesame, ginger or orange sauce would be delicious too!!

All you have to do is toss all of your ingredients into a sprayed wok or large frying pan and let them all cook up! Definitely start with your meat since it takes longer to cook! Mix well to be sure it all cooks evenly!

To finish this off, all you do is clear a space in the middle and crack an egg!


Scramble it until it is completely cooked and then toss it with the rest of the ingredients! Put it on your favorite flowered plate and eat! You can sprinkle some more soy sauce or sesame seeds here if you’d like as well!!!


This meal is a crowd pleaser and an easy weeknight dinner in a pinch!! I hope you have fun with all the variations!

what would you add to a stir fry?


Leave a comment :)

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