Workouts from this week!

Hey Hey! Happy Friday! Any plans this weekend? I am looking forward to a really relaxing one at home with my parents! Tonight I see some wine in my future and tomorrow I have a whole day of errands and a get together!!

I have had some awesome workouts this week! I wanted to share my workout schedule from this week to inspire and guide some of you in your workouts for next week! I like variety and this week I did manage to switch it up some to keep the boredom at bay and to keep my body guessing!

  • Monday: Body Pump– this was the new release and I loved it! I was very sore and I find I get the best strength workout bang for my buck when I go to this class! My only issue is timing! My gym only offers the class at 5:30 and it is hard for me to get there on time from work!! I also did a hill workout on the elliptical and some incline walking at my lunch break to get cardio in!
  • Tuesday: HITT on the elliptical 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 20 minutes. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown in the evening as well!
  • Wednesday: Elliptical recovery 45 minutes.
  • Thursday: Plank and Burn circuit and a spin class.
  • Friday: Arm Burner and Bike Tabata workout. Tabata Cycles flow with 20 seconds hard and 10 seconds recovery for a total of 4 minutes. They are short so go all out! Below is the workout if you want to try it! It is a very efficient burner!

Feel free to share your favorite workout of the week in the comments section!!


0-2 minutes Warm-up
2-6 minutes Tabata cycle
6-8 minutes Recover
8-12 minutes Tabata Cycle
12-14 minutes Recover
14-18 minutes Tabata Cycle
18-20 minutes Recover and cool down

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