Weekend recap

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? My weekend included a LOT of relaxation which was much needed after my first full week at work in so long!

My weekend started out on Friday night with an episode of Revenge and a glass of wine on ice because I couldn’t wait for it to get cold!


I also had a delicious dinner with my parents that started with shrimp! I love Maryland seafood!


I had a very low key night that ended with me going to bed at 9:30 (I am so wild). A good night of sleep was much needed though.

Good thing I had coffee to wake me up in the morning! After dropping my car off to have work done I treated myself to a blonde roast and it was delicious!


Mid morning I grabbed my mom and we went to a spin class together at a new gym! (More in this to come later in the week!) it was a killer 50 minute class. I left it exhausted yet energized to get some errands out of the way! We got a bunch done in 3 hours of running around town so we stopped in chipotle for a quick lunch.


I spent most of the rainy Saturday watching more revenge on netflix. How do I miss these good shows in real time. Good thing I love to power watch shows!!

I finally broke myself away from revenge to get ready and go to a surprise birthday party for my mom’s best friend! She was so touched! It was so fun to surprise her!!!



When we returned home from the party we saw sparky sitting and waiting for us all floppy like this:



Good thing he is cute because he can be soooo weird! Love him though!

I had another 11 hour night of sleep and that is all I will say about that. I guess I needed it! I felt like a lazy animal!! Hahaha!!

When I woke up yesterday at 9 (hehe) I treated myself to a bowl of oatmeal, hot coffee and an episode of revenge.


Are we seeing a trend here? My weekend started and ended in the same fashion. I’m kind of ok with that!

what did you get into this weekend?


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