Boutique Gyms

Happy freaking Friday! WOO! We made it and I am on the verge of a 3 day weekend thanks to MLK day!! I am really looking forward to a free day at home!

I have a fitness question for you all today. Boutique gyms. Are they in or are they out?

My gym membership is currently up at the end of the month. I love its convenience, the hours, the short drive from my house, the quality and amount of equipment, and the good price. However, I use the gym at my office daily. It is free, it is functional, and it is a great way to break up my day.

Recently, I discovered a new boutique gym in my town. It only offers classes for women which is right up my alley. Initially, the amount of classes I could actually get to stuck out to me. My biggest problem with my current gym is the fact that all classes start by 5:30. Since I work an hour away from home (on a good day with traffic) making it to those classes is really hard for me most days. Not to mention, the classes that were offered in the evening were limited with few options.

I am coming to you to see what your thoughts are on boutique gyms. Are they a fad? Are they worth the steep price per class?

I am going to give this new gym a trial period to see how much I really like the classes, schedules, convenience, and atmosphere.

I have taken 2 spin classes there so far and have loved them. The teacher was amazing, I got in a great workout, and I didn’t have to fly down the road to make a class! I just purchased a Groupon for 10 more classes and cant wait to get a better feel for the other classes the gym has to offer. I am looking forward to some new classes (Barre) and more frequent Body Pump classes in my future!

Advice please! πŸ™‚


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