Sick weekend

Hey guys! I was MIA all weekend fighting off a sinus infection/ grossness for the last three days. I’m starting to feel a little better than goodness but not much went on here this weekend.

I spent Friday with a box of tissues, Netflix, and lots of water. I was looking as good as I felt. I spent the day in my pajamas and didn’t even care. One box of this stuff later and I can almost breathe out of my nose. Whoop!


I did manage to make myself brunch and had a heaping spoonful of sun butter on my protein pancakes. They were just what the doctor ordered!


Good thing I had Dr. Spark by my side!


He made sure to stay close to me all day and he was so sweet! He took very good care of me.

On Saturday I got to see Mike and we had a laid back weekend full of recovery. He took good care of me too! πŸ™‚

I’m hoping to get a workout in today since I am off. I’m hoping that will give me some energy! I have also planned a big visit to my love Trader Joe to get some food for the next 2 weeks!

Mike was really sweet and helped me do some food prep yesterday! We grilled up a ton of chicken for the week while we prepped an amazing dinner for Tasty Tuesday this week! I hate to tease but I promise this recipe is great and worth the wait!

Have a great MLK day friends!


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