My First trip to the Bar(re)

Hey guys! Yesterday was another (I know, crazyyyy!!) snow day for me! We never get this lucky(?) haha! I have to say it has been nice to have this extra time to recover from being sick, but I get so much more done in a routine! I am looking forward to getting back to work, regular workouts, and a more consistent schedule (who am I!?!?)

Anyway, since I was off work on Monday for MLK Jr. Day, I went to my new (boutique gym) gym and tried a new to me class- barre!!barre 1

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I love getting to try new classes especially ones that challenge me. I danced for years growing up and stopped in high school to focus on field hockey, track, and lacrosse. I enjoyed dance when I did it, but I do lack a lot of coordination now and was interested to see how I would pick up the movements. I was also looking to see if I could add a new exercise to my repertoire that would not hurt my stupid bone spur on my foot.

I was in luck because I loved this class and it was a killer! The light weights, small movements and holds, and constant core work gave me an insanely good workout. I am still sore to prove it!!

Barre consists of using dance moves without dancing to get the dancer like body according to my instructor. The goal is to create long and lean muscles with moves similar to that of Pilates. The class also helps to strengthen your core and improve your posture at an exciting pace and is sure to burn calories!barre 2

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My butt, quads, and core are feeling the burn from the class on Monday and I definitely want to go back again. I love to strength train in a class format so that I ensure I don’t miss anything. It definitely surprised my muscles using the barre method rather than body pump which is good. Change makes change! Who would have thought I would be feeling it so much from body weight training and a set of 3 pound weights!!!

Have you ever taken a barre class? Any tips for beginners like me?


2 thoughts on “My First trip to the Bar(re)

  1. I’ve never been to an actual Barre class but would love to. This morning I did Cathe’s Turbo Barre DVD – I was dying during some of the reps – love it!!

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