Workouts from this week!

I had another great week of workouts despite a crazy schedule! With the MLK jr holiday, to a snow day Tuesday, to a half day snow day Wednesday and then back to semi normal on Thursday and now here(thank goodness it’s Friday BTW) it wasn’t easy to stick to a plan.

Luckily, I had options available and was flexible to my workouts. Work with what you have!

Monday: Barre class, yoga class, and loosening up on the elliptical
Tuesday: yoga inferno

Wednesday: Ripped in 30
Thursday: easy elliptical hills and evening spin class
Friday (TGIF!): HITT 20 minutes and recovery 20 minutes plus an arm burner!
Saturday: Body Pump and elliptical

With my snow days I was very grateful that I have a huge collection of fitness DVDs. It’s really fun to go through and switch it up because I forget how a lot of them go! I love group exercise and having a direction so the DVDs are perfect for my workout style!

Today after work I am heading to ulta to get my hair done! Fun Friday night, right!? A few weeks ago I saw a corner in their circular offering free blow outs! Who am I to turn down something free, let alone something free that is bound to spruce me up for a fun night! Mike is planning a little date for us and I’m super excited! I’m also going to take it upon myself to do a little shopping before my haircut. Treat yourself. Right Becky !?!?

how were your workouts this week? any plans tonight?!


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