I was surprised!

Happy Monday everyone!

I must say it is hard to pull one over on me. I love to know the plans and know the details way in advance for everything I do. I don’t know how my parents and Mike and all of my friends managed to surprise me Friday night at my 25th birthday party! I really thought we were going out to dinner! Haha!

My parents rented out a room at one of my favorite local bar/restaurants and snuck in all my friends and Mike’s parents Friday night. Mike and I arrived at 7:30 ‘for a quick drink’ before our so called reservations only to be shocked by a room full of my favorite people. I was honestly so touched.

The night began with drinks and food of course! My mom had the restaurant put out a spread of their best food, including a nacho bar! Yay!

Here are so here pictures from my phone from the night!


My brother!


Love my girlfriends! I wish I got pics of everyone! I can’t believe I don’t have any pics with my parents either! I have to check their phones!!



The adorable cupcakes!


I was honestly so touched and I feel so special! Thank you to everyone!! ❤

We got home a little after 11:30 and I fell into bed! It was such a fun night that I will never forget. 25 is going to be a great year!

I woke up early and still excited on Saturday morning so I hopped over to the gym for a body pump class! It was a great way to begin the day! I followed class up with 20 minutes of cardio because the gym was packed and they were enforcing strong limits with the cardio machines. Crazy right!

After the gym, I ran to the mall because there was a lip gloss sale. I wish I was kidding. BOGO gloss at Victoria's Secret. I stocked up!

I had to hurry home and get ready because Mike and I were meeting some friends for afternoon activities! We stopped at chipotle for a quick lunch and then we were off! We had grand plans to go indoor go carting but once we arrived the wait was over 2 hours!

…needless to say we bailed! But we headed to a nearby casino!


It was such a random turn of events! Mike ended up winning 20 bucks so we called it a day and walked around the mall it was next to. We had a nice night in after all the events of the day and rented Captain Phillips. I loved the movie it was so suspenseful! Definitely recommend it!

I had such a fantastic weekend! Can’t wait for my actual birthday on Friday!

what did you do this weekend?!


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