What I ate Wednesday!

Hi friends! I hope you’re all staying warm wherever you are since the polar vortex seems to be touching the entire country now, what the heck!

I’m back today with another edition of What I ate Wednesday! It’s the week coming up to my birthday and I’ve been so busy! I am busy all day at work and then I’ve got something every night taking me out of the house and keeping me on the go! This week required planning out my meals and workouts carefully!

Thank goodness Gina has the winter shape up going on this week bc she planned my workouts for me! Also, since it’s the week before my birthday I’ve wanted to make sure my meals are healthy because I don’t want my healthy habits to go by the wayside when I enjoy my favorite meals and cake of course!

So, without further ado here is what I ate Tuesday! wiaw1

Breakfast was a delicious spread of Ezekiel toast. One side sugar free blackberry jam and one side peanut butter! As always a banana too! photo 1 (30)Lunch yesterday was a strange combination but tasty nonetheless! I had a black bean burger with 4 T of guacamole alongside leftover mushroom risotto from trader joe’s! photo 2 (27)I told you it was weird!

My afternoon treat was banana cream yogurt. It tastes like pie! photo 3 (17)So stinking good!!!

Dinner was a crockpot success! Pulled chicken in spicy marinara sauce over a bed of whole wheat noodles!photo 5 (3) On the side I had some salad and steamed veggies! Overall none of my eats were very pretty but they were really delicious! I also stayed close to my 1,200 calorie goal and met all my macro goals! Success!photo 4


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