Well friends, I’ve made a decision. I’ve scheduled a minor surgery this month to remove the bone spur on top of my foot that has been nagging me for the last year. I’m pretty nervous but I have to focus on the positive outlook and the fact that my stupid feet problems will be a thing go the past!

I’d love some positive words of encouragement! This is not a decision I’ve taken lightly at all.

I’m nervous about the pain but I’m excited that after 4 weeks in a boot I can maybe begin to run again within the next few months without pain. I’m also excited to be able to walk around barefoot without pain!

The nerves have been running wild but I know if I don’t try this nothing will change. I’ve done the orthotics, reduced my impact, and tried a cortisone injection with no luck. I’m so glad I have a loving boyfriend, family and friends that have supported me and helped me through the ups and downs of the past year with this stupid bone bump!!!

This does mean that I will not be able to exercise for the 4 weeks that I am in a boot. This scares me too. I love exercise and being fit. I know my body needs rest to recover and I’m going to focus on filling my body with a lot of clean and healthy food during my recovery phase.

I’m glad I’m getting this done now because I have a lot of fun things coming this spring that I want to be ready for! My girlfriend is getting married so we have all the fun prep that comes too- hello bachelorette party, we’re going to Vegas in April, and then summer will be here before I know it!

Like I said, I’m very anxious about this and would love some positivity! Show me some love in the comments below! 🙂


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