Ice storm and power outage

Yesterday Maryland got hit was a bad ice storm! It covered the trees, roads and everything in between!



It took a full twenty minutes of running my car and scraping it to be able to see through the ice! What a mess!

Before work I completed the week two workout for the summer shape up and I loved it. Gina is no joke!

When I got to work I was busy all morning but used my lunch break to do a HITT workout on the bike and some more core work!

I came back up to my desk and enjoyed an Annie’s macaroni and cheese wig broccoli and cauliflower mixed in! So good!


In the afternoon I had a Greek yogurt and some puffins for a snack!


I was busy again all afternoon but excited to see Mike in the evening! We ran out and got Chipotle for dinner and I had a passion iced tea from Starbucks for dessert!



Just after we settled in for the night to watch TV the power went out! It was so cold!!!! Luckily we had a candle and ended up playing cards in the dark. Ha!



It was a challenge haha!!! Needless to say I got to bed early and got. Great nights sleep! The power came on a little after midnight so I luckily had a hot shower this morning!!!

Happy Thursday friends!


4 thoughts on “Ice storm and power outage

  1. pugrunaholic says:

    Glad you were able to stay warm! We ended up getting a lot of snow in PA from that storm. I’m so done with winter!!

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