{Guest Post} Water Fitness!

Morning friends! Happy Friday!! I hope you are going to have an amazing weekend I have some fun and relaxing plans in the books and I am excited for both ends of the spectrum!

A few weeks ago reader Becky Flanigan reached out to me about a guest post. Once I knew I was getting my foot surgery and she reached out to me regarding water fitness, it was fate! I knew she had a great thing to share! Below Becky explains 4 different methods of water fitness and I for one can’t wait to test them out when I am in recovery in March!! 🙂

Without any more delay, here is Becky!!

How to Stay In Shape With These 4 Aqua Aerobics Workouts

I admit, for a long time I was an exercise snob. The only way to get a good workout was either on the running trail, or at the weight room at the gym. Then I tried aqua aerobics, and it changed my thinking – I can now stay in shape and have a lot of fun doing it. Here are 4 workouts that I use to stay in shape:

1) Aqua jogging. I first tried this when I injured my leg and couldn’t run for a while. At the suggestion of another runner, I went to the pool when the lap lanes were open, and started jogging in a lane. It felt a little odd at first – I was moving slow relative to my pace on the running trail. But then I began to appreciate the effect of water resistance – I was having to push through the water and exerted substantial effort. I got a great cardio workout, and the water wonderfully soothing.

2) Water weight workout. I was a little hesitant about doing exercises in the water that supposedly were similar to the weight stations at the gym. I was pleasantly surprised – when they had us do flybacks, using only the effect of the water as resistance – I got a really good burn out of it, and could feel my back and shoulders after class. The teacher had us working hard for an hour, and I got all the weight work I wanted. Now that I’ve healed my injury and gone back to running, I’ll add the water weight routine as part of my regular cross training.

3) Aqua Zumba. I had wanted to try Zumba for a while, but in our gym they have the class in a room with windows along one side – everyone in the gym can see you shaking and gyrating. I wasn’t about to try that, but I discovered that in the pool, most of your body is underwater, so that worked for me. I knew it was a dance routine, but I had no idea how substantial Zumba can be as a cardio workout. We danced and swung around for a full hour, and I was exhausted. The plus – I had a blast! We laughed and churned up the water, and the time passed superfast.

4) Aqua yoga. I had tried yoga years ago, and really liked it. I just hadn’t done it for a long time. But years of running had tightened up my body, so I knew I needed something that had stretching involved. Yoga in the water was wonderful for that purpose. We did a balancing pose – one foot on a foam noodle, to stretch out our hamstrings – that felt wonderful. The beauty – in the water I could hold the pose without falling. I loved it!

Although at first I doubted the effectiveness of working out in the water, once I gave it a fair try, aqua aerobics proved to be an excellent choice for workouts. I’ve kept it up, and am well pleased with the results.

After Becky Flanigan writes an article for www.Intheswim.com she heads out to the golf course, where she is either frustrated by a bad hit, or elated at the great shots she made. After that, she has a relaxing dinner with some fine wine, and settles in to read a good book for the evening.

Have you ever done any of these exercises? What exercises have you used in the past to recover from an injury or surgery?


8 thoughts on “{Guest Post} Water Fitness!

  1. pugrunaholic says:

    Great guest post! I’ve been thinking about joining my local YMCA which does a bunch of aqua classes! Sometimes you just get bored with the same exercise!

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