Meals and fitness for the week!

Hi friends, did you have a good weekend? I did. It was full of fun with my family and friends! We had a good combination of fun and relaxation and caught up on some new to us shows on Netflix.

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me so I have to be organized. Yesterday Mike and I did a good grocery shop and did a lot of food prep while we made dinner.

Before the prep, I made sure to give my week a rough plan for food and fitness….here it is!

B: Banana burrito
L: grilled chicken, risotto, Brussels sprouts
D: crockpot meal
W: body pump, elliptical

B: oats in a jar
L: chicken and sweet potato fries
D: chicken fried rice
W: spin

B: Banana burrito
L: chicken fried rice
D: subway
W: elliptical and winter shape up

B: Banana burrito
L: quinoa and grilled chicken
D: quinoa and salmon burger

Friday(valentines day!)
B: Banana burrito
L:quinoa and grilled chicken
D: valentines date!!!
W: elliptical and winter shape up

Did you complete a plan for the week? What are you making?!


Leave a comment :)

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